Department of Psychology

Parviz Sharifidaramadi

Date of birth: 01/01/1960

Place of birth: Abadan

Academic rank: Associate Professor/(PhD)  

Field of study: Psychology of Exceptional Children


Telephone: +98 0912 205 5699

Hassan Asadzadeh

Date of birth: 05/05/1965

Place of birth: Fouman

Academic ranking: Associate Professor/ (PhD)

Field of study: Educational Psychology


Telephone: +98 0912 219 1318


Dr. Elahe Mohammad Esmaeil

Field of study: Ph.D of Psycho meteric

Academic ranking: Assistant Professor.

 Work experience and skills: Education and Research


Phone Number: 09126157517

Shahnaz Nouhi

Field of study: Ph.D candidate of general psychology

Lecturer and Manager of Clinical Psychology Group

Work experience and skills: Education, Research and Psycho Therapy


Phone Number: 09122383189

Dr. Hakimeh Aghaei

Field of study: Ph.D of general psychology

Academic ranking: Assistant Professor

Work experience and skills: Education, Research and counseling


Phone Number: 09102111332


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