Dr Hossein Ghorbanian











Academic Ranking: Assistant Professor

Field of Study: Ph.D, Private law

Area of interest: International Commercial Law, private law.

Email address:: Real695@gmail.com


Asal Azimian










Field:  Criminal law &criminology

Interests : criminal law,criminology,penology,criminal policy, Scientific polise, *criminal Psychology ،criminal Sociology ،and finally everything about law

Email address:  avocate.ir@gmail.com



Ehsan Razani

International Relations

Field of Study: Strategy and Security Studies

Iran’s Foreign Policy


Dr.Gholamreza Abdoli (Head)










Academic Ranking: Assistant  Professor

Field of Study:  Ph.D., Law, Privaty Law

Area of interest : Family law , Contract law

Email : gr_abdoli@yahoo.com


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