Faculty of Human Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Shahrood Branch


Faculty of Human Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Shahrood Branch was approved by the Expansion of

Higher Education and has officially started its activity since 2010. Each one of faculties has its own suitable

and independent room. The school building consists of three floors including: classrooms, a suitable

amphitheater, a proper defense room, two computer sites, and a specialized computer site for doctoral

students,archive room, and educational experts.

To achieve educational goals, this school has 54 full-time faculty members along with 3800 students,

who are studying the following programs. Currently, the areas of study in this school include:


1- PhD courses (67 students) including:

Accounting-Accounting, Management-Business Management-Marketing, Physical Education-Sports Management,

General Psychology

General Linguistics, Political Sciences-Iran Studies, International Relations, Philosophy of Art,

History of Islam


2- Postgraduate Programs (2500 students)

Management- Human Resources Management Branch, Change Management Branch,

Strategic Management Branch, Governmental Financial Management Branch,

Industrial Management-Financial Branch, Business Management-Marketing Branch,

Business Management-Financial Branch, Law - Criminal Law And Criminology Branch, Private Law,

General Psychology , Clinical Psychology, General Linguistics, English Language, Physical Education-Sports

Management Branch, Physiology Branch, History-History Of Ancient Iran- History Of Islam- History of

Islamic Iran- General History of the World- History of Central Asia and the Caucasus- Persian

Gulf- Codicology and Archival Documents


3- (Continuous [1]) Undergraduate Programs

Law, Judicial Sciences, Management (Business Branch), Management-Governmental Branch, Governmental

Accounting, Tax Accounting, Auditing, Accounting, History-History Teaching, History-Open, Physical Education-Sports Management Branch, Sports Sciences Branch, Persian Language and Literature, Political Sciences


4- (Uncontinuous [2]) Undergraduate Programs(Associate to Bachelor's Degree)

Management-Business Management, Scientific and Applied Accounting, Accounting,

Physical Education-Sports Management, Governmental Management


5- Associate's Degree Programs

Management-Business Management Branch, Accounting, Accounting-Scientific and Applied Accounting,

Physical Education, English Teaching, Persian Language and Literature


Total employees of undergraduate and associate: 1233 employees



Dean of the School of Humanities



This is part of higher education system of Iran, where students could study for bachelor degree continuously

after receiving a high school diploma.



[2] This is part of higher education system of Iran, where students could study for bachelor degreeuncontinuously

after receiving a diploma or associate degree.


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