Public relations, sustainable need of organization


On of the most valuable and important factors impacting future of an institute, is public relations. The goal of public relations is making an interactive related sense among people inside and outside the institute. For this purpose, some items can be effective:

  • 2-sided relations between public relations and all people
  • Being a link between manager and customers
  • Managing university website as a public digital media
  • Interacting with public and private organizations
  •  Doing media aspects of cultural, religion and national affairs


Tools for goals achievement:

  • Audio and video media: radio, TV and cinema
  • Printing and publication media: newspaper, magazines
  • Environmental media: billboards, panels
  • Direct Mailing media: catalogs, brochures, letters
  • Electronic media: LED, internet, video wall
  • Public relations media: celebrations, competitions, visits


Some of activities and awards:

  • Excellent rating among public relations for years
  • Establishing the first electronic public relations in Semnan province
  • Establishing the first internal radio in Semnan Province
  • Representative for public relations symposium in Semnan
  • Representative for Iranian public relations international conference
  • Manager of the year in Islamic Azad university Shahrood branch(1392 and  1390)
  • ……………………..


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